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Money 2000 is a statewide educational program of Hawaii Cooperative Extension Service designed to increase the financial well-being of Hawaii residents through increased savings and/or reduced household debt.

The Year 2000

The goal of Money 2000 is that by December 31, 2000, you will have increased your financial standing by a dollar amount of your choice.

You will accomplish your goal of decreasing your debt, increasing your savings, or a combination of both.

You will be encouraged to save or reduce your debt by $2000 by the end of the year 2000.

Why Enroll in Money 2000?

While many of us dream of getting rich quickly, it rarely happens.   Accumulating wealth is accompanied by being in control of your finances.

Money 2000 will provide you with information and educational support to sharpen your skills in making wise consumer decisions about savings and spending.

Taking part in Money 2000 is simple.  You will do most of your learning--with special exercises and worksheets when it's convenient, in the privacy of your home.  You may also choose to attend the money management workshops in your community.

What to Expect

For a $10 annual enrollment fee you will receive:

Start-up and record-keeping materials

Quarterly financial newsletters

Introductory Issue (.pdf)

Introductory Issue (Text-only html)

Access to low-cost money management materials and classes

Take Charge of Your Money...a series of seven workshops to teach you how to manage your financial affairs

Contact with Hawaii Cooperative Extension Service twice a year to keep you moving toward your goal

How to Enroll?

Money 2000 Enrollment Form (.pdf)

Money 2000 Enrollment Form (Text-only html)

To print out pdf-based forms:

1. Download FREE Adobe Acrobat using the link below
2. Install Acrobat
3. Use Acrobat to view and print the forms

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For more information contact Pamela Kutara at:
1955 East-West Road, Honolulu, HI  96822
Phone:  956-7212
or email: moneyed@hawaii.edu